Pamela Traum, D.C.

Dr. Pam Traum has developed a focus on nutrition and homeopathic remedies as well as gentle activator and diversified adjusting techniques. She graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 1997 and has lived in Arizona ever since. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Washington in 1989 with a BA in Business administration (of all things) but was back in school for pre-med preparation quickly thereafter. Her interests include guiding her patients to live better lives and….. guiding her patients to live better lives. I know that sounds redundant but that is basically her biggest passion. Well, she does allow some time for camping with her husband and two awesome sons. Oh, she also loves to ski but doesn’t get much time for it here in the southwest. She is a great mom and does her best to balance a professional’s life with the requirements of motherhood and family.

Edward Traum, D.C.

Dr. Edward Traum has spent his 20+ year career studying and practicing physical medicine with an emphasis on how force is created and distributed through soft tissue system of fascia. He has studied Fascial Manipulation ® for several years with Dr. Antono Stecco and Dr. Carla Stecco, both being recognized as world leading experts in fascial anatomy and physiology. With the expertise he has developed in this field he has been able to teach detailed courses to physicians (both medical and chiropractic), physical therapists, and athletic trainers in Asia, South America, South Africa, and here in the United States. He was also a part of the team of Fascial Manipulation teachers who trained the entire staff of athletic trainers for the Arizona Diamond Backs.

In addition to his expertise in soft tissue therapy for tension correction, he also has expertise in simple ways to reinforce these corrective therapies with balance training and ergonomic movement techniques that will aid in training the body to develop correct movement patterns for long term improvement in joint mechanics.

About 3D Integrated Medical

Professional Associations

  • Manual Medicine Physician for U.S. Martial Arts Team – 2014 World Martial Arts Games – Vanvouver, British Colombia, Canada
  • Fascial Manipulation consultant to Arizona Diamondbacks and Chicago Cubs
  • Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Association – Manual Medicine Physician
  • St. Lukes Hospital Sports Medicine Team – Manual Medicine Physician
  • Fascial Manipulation Association – Vincenza, Italy
  • Fascial Research Society – Fouding Member
  • Arizona Assoc. of Chiropractic & American Assoc. of Chiropractic
  • Emergency Medicine Technician/firefighter – Phoenix Fire Department

Dr. Analiah Patrice

Dr. Analiah Patrice is a board licensed Naturopathic Physician (ND) in the state of Arizona. Her interest in a more holistic approach to health started after a brief stint in the allopathic medical world as an MD in Europe. She felt that at that time, conventional medicine was not complete in its practice to health and wellbeing, missing were the mind, body, and spiritual aspects. On her search to find alternative methods to health she was intrigued with what naturopathic medical school training had to offer.

Naturopathic medicine is based on the body’s ability to heal itself through mind, body, and spiritual practices. Some of the modalities naturopathic physicians are educated In are botanical medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, mind-body medicine, environmental medicine, hydrotherapy, minor surgery, and pharmacotherapy.

Dr. Patrice’s goal is to educate as many people as she can in living a healthier lifestyle -which she believes starts by making better and health-giving choices vs. health-depleting choices (for example sodas, fast food, etc). This starts with choosing fresh, nutritious foods and nourishing beverages but also includes modifying the home environment by choosing nontoxic, safe household products and personal care products for example sunscreens, lotions, soaps, make up etc. And making it a habit to de-stress through yoga, medication, stretching, exercise, or getting a treatment from Dr. Traum.

Dr. Patrice also educates and helps patients in using medical cannabis, CBD, and nutrition for pain management, Crohn’s, PTSD, Hep C, 111V, AIDS, Cancer, epilepsy and other chronic conditions. She also offers 612 injections, flower essence therapies, and biomodulator treatments.
Treatment plans are individualized to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle as smooth and comfortable as possible for each person.