At 3D Integrated Medical we are always doing our best to serve our patients. There is nothing like getting it right for someone who has tried unsuccessfully to get that back, hip, elbow, or “whatever” pain resolved with Advil or exercises and stretches. Here are a few folks who were excited to tell about their big changes.

Patrick Halloway – Personal Trainer, Power Lifter

As a professional powerlifter I ask a lot of my body. In November 2012 I broke my world record dead lift at 854 pounds and I found that the work of Fascial Manipulation was a critical component of my training regimen. In order to pull more than 800 pounds off the floor I have to have nearly perfet muscle coordination and force transfer from my feet to my shoulders. Dr. Traum’s work with Fascial Manipulation has had an amazing effect on my ability to remain a world champion.

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Traum for any body pain and especially if you are a competitive athlete. There is no other therapy that can get such results as I have experienced.

Jerry Brodeur | Bodybuilder and Professional Life Coach

In November 2010 I won the Arizona State bodybuilding championship for my age bracket. Iwas at the peak of my amateur bodybuilding career. Four months after this personal achievement I found that I had developed a severe case of “tennis” elbow that burned like fire whenever I tried to lift a barbell or shake a friend’s hand. I went from peak performance to a complete inability to use my right arm for anything remotely strenuous. In my search for an effective therapy that would help me return to the competition stage I tried ice, stretching, chiropractic adjustments, and physical therapy without success. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Ed Traum and the results that he had been able to achieve using two manual medicine techniques that are very effective with muscle pain and dysfunction. After just a few treatments of comprehensive muscle balancing work, I was nearly pain free and able to return to the gym and my high level training. The work that Dr. Traum does is unique and complicated but amazingly effective. There is no one in the valley that practices the same manual medicine techniques to such a degree and certainly no one who takes the time to examine and treat dysfunction the way he does. I encourage anyone who is dealing with any degree of muscle and joint pain to check out Dr. Traum’s website and get in for an evaluation. There’s no sense in waiting. Your time is valuable and it should be used wisely so go straight to the most effective work you can find.

BT | Motorcycle enthusiast

I have been adventuring on motorcycles across the country for years and I know that the long hours on my bike can cause my back to be incredibly stiff and painful by the time I return from any trip. Two summers ago I rode to Alaska and back. Along the way I would stop into various chiropractors in an attempt to ease the ache I always felt on my left upper back and right shoulder. I had been going to chiropractors for 30 years but this time I could just not get the muscles to ease up. Upon returning to Phoenix I was referred to see Dr. Traum who took more time to evaluate my muscle imbalance than I had ever experienced before. After determining that my problem stemmed from significant imbalances from the front to back Dr. Traum got to work adjusting the way these muscles balanced and talked to each other. It wasn’t just a 3 minute “cracking”and, while somewhat uncomfortable, I could not believe how much better my body worked after just 2 sessions. I could stand up straighter and I could ride longer without pain than I had been able to for 20 years. I had no idea that muscle balance could be so complicated and important to sport riding. If you want to function your best I’d advise looking into the fascial manipulation and neuro-muscular stuff. It really paid off for me.

Patrick Halloway | Professional Power Lifter

I have achieved world champion status through hard work and strict discipline. This means pushing my muscles to perform at levels well beyond normal and, as a result, I occasionally damage these muscles that I ask so much of. About one year ago I had worked my arm muscles so hard that I was unable to curl even light weight due to pain in my right bicep and right chest. I had gone two weeks without being able to work on arm strength when a student of mine suggested Dr. Traum and the unique techniques he uses to normalize muscle function. To my amazement, I was able to curl 210 pounds withing hours of having Dr Traum work on my arm. I would call that a miracle if it weren’t for Dr. Traum’s simple explanation of how muscle reflexes work in conjunction with the surrounding fascia. I had no idea that the fascia was so integrally involved with muscle control and power. Since having Dr. Traum work on my muscles when ever they are over stressed, I have been able to continue with my pursuit of top level competition in power lifting and fitness. Any athlete should seriously consider having his or her structure and function evaluated by him. It is more than cost effective. Through this work you will be able to stay more productive and powerful than with any other form of therapy.

Jeff Thornton – World Champion power lifter 2012

Five years ago I suffered from debilitating back pain from injuries sustained during combat in the Viet Nam war. For years I worked with physical therapy and medical doctors to try to improve my back. But when I began power lifting I found that the increase in muscle strength made almost all of my back pain go away. Eventually, though, I had injuries from the heavy lifting which almost made me quit the sport. Luckily, I was refered to Dr. Traum and after just 4 treatments I was back lifting better than ever. I have continued to improve and won the world championship for my age and weight class in Novermber 2012. Dr. Traum never stops amazing me with his ability to find the imbalances that cause muscles to pull incorrectly. What’s even more important is that the work he does always helps my performance. I never compete without getting 2 or 3 treatments during the month preceeding my competition. 2013 here I come!