Drop-Table Technique

Drop-Table TechniqueChiropractic care is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions and disorders within the musculoskeletal system and effects that these impairments may have on the overall function and health of a patient. Chiropractors use a variety of techniques and services to help relieve symptoms and eliminate the cause of pain or discomfort. One of the techniques we would like to draw your attention to is the Thompson Technique, more commonly known as the Drop-Table Technique.

Drop Table Technique

The Drop-Table Technique is also known as the Thompson Technique or the Thompson Drop-Table Technique. In this technique, a special table known as a drop-table is used to aid in spinal adjustments. The drop-table is segmented to allow for the segments to be lifted and dropped once thrust is applied. The segments of the table that can be raised or dropped between 1-2 inches based on the needs of the patient. This technique enables gravity to assist with the manual adjustment delivered by a chiropractor to realign the spine.

The table is adjusted to the weight of the patient. This enables the table to use the mass of the patient and force of the adjustment to allow for more energy to be transferred into the spinal manipulation. Less pressure is applied to the spine compared to other treatments where the patient may be standing or sitting, allowing chiropractors to avoid adjustments that may be considered overcorrections or too much physical force on the body.

During adjustment, the chiropractor will apply a gentle thrust and the table will drop simultaneously using gravity to guide the bones of your spine into the correct position, relieving pressure on the nerves of the spine.

In addition to the use of the drop table, this technique also uses leg length discrepancy tests. In this examination, the chiropractors will look at the lengths of your legs and x-rays to understand what type of adjustments you may need. Sometimes the impairments or misalignments of the spine can cause muscular issues that result in the appearance of one leg becoming shorter than the other. After treatment, patients can experience a noticeable reduction in leg length discrepancy, if not complete elimination after several adjustments.

The Drop-Table Technique was developed by Dr. J Clay Thompson during the 1950s.

Expected results

Many patients report immediate, positive results after receiving treatment with the Drop-Table Technique. Some of the benefits they report include:

  • Increase in energy and mobility
  • Improvement in strength and flexibility
  • Noticeably better sleep
  • Decrease of pain
  • Restoring of normal nerve function
  • Reduction in stress

While many patients notice a change in their condition with just one adjustment, several sessions may be required depending on the condition of the patient and the severity of the case.

Certification requirements

The Drop-Table Technique is taught at a basic level in chiropractic schools, but to become certified in the Drop-Table Technique, chiropractors must take several courses on this specific method and pass subsequent exams. Recertification is required to maintain certification every few years in this method.

If you are considering chiropractic care and interested in the Drop-Table Technique or if you have any questions regarding this method, please contact 3D Integrated Medical today. Schedule a consultation with us and we will be happy to start your journey to recovery together.

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