I have never been the kind of doctor who waves a banner for the occasional miracles that we can see with the clinical practice of physical medicine. I have always tried to maintain a clinically rational mind. But I have had a shift in the last year after I discovered the emerging science of A2M or, Alpha 2 Macroglobulin, which is nothing short of biochemical magic that alleviates knee pain. Here we have a large protein molecule circulating in our blood that truly has properties unfathomable just a few short years ago. It is hard to use the word ‘Miraculous’, but, how else can we describe a protein that literally attacks the enzymes that are digesting the cartilage of our knee joints (or any other joint for that matter). And hearing seeing numerous patients report very brief relief from the injection of Hyaluronic Acid or Synvisc, I am officially a fan of long term relief by stopping the digestion process w/ A2M.

A2M is a protein that acts like a venus fly trap. Its job is to lure in the damaging digestive enzymes in our bodies so that it can then trap and destroy them. This molecule is a Sun Tzu master of tricking the bad enzymes into approaching the lure and then making the mistake of grabbing it. Once docked, the A2M protein changes its shape and wraps itself around the digestive enzyme. After trapping the digestive enzyme, A2M pulls it apart piece by piece so that it can no longer turn your knee joint into mush.

So how can we take advantage of this combat master to save our own joints? In effect, we have to capture and concentrate A2M so that it can be injected directly into a joint to destroy the enzymes causing our knee pain. To get this protein into an effective, purified quantity, we have to draw a fair amount of your blood, spin it down and then filter the plasma so that we are left with a significant amount of A2M concentrate. This concentrate is then injected directly into the affected joint where it clears the inflammation and gives you significant relief that very day. And more than that, it stops dead in its tracks, the degenerative digestion of your joint tissue so that you can begin rebuilding that tissue with the other components of Regenerative Medicine that we describe in this website.

If you have knee pain then you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment for a special test called a Fibronectin Aggrecan Complex Test, or FAC test. This simple, highly specific test of a very small amount of synovial fluid will determine if A2M is right for you. A positive test means that we KNOW that you have pain from the enzymes that digest joint cartilage AND that you will likely get long term benefit from A2M. A negative test means that we KNOW that you will be best served by Amniotic fluid or Exosomes for knee regeneration and that A2M would likely be an unnecessary cost. It’s simple and cheap and it gives you knowledge, which is power.

It’s your knee and your future. You can save your knee and have pain free activities with the right therapy, so, come in a get a FAC test.

Performed by Vance Inouye, N.M.D.