When you think of Regenerative Medicine you probably think of Stem Cell harvesting from bone and fat. We can’t expect you to know that Stem Cell harvesting is obsolete. That is to be expected since most people don’t hear the latest news because they are far too busy to be keeping an ear on the railroad track. I mean, someone has to be building skyscrapers and homes; someone has to be teaching kids and managing businesses. It is our job to see what is next in the world of regenerative medicine and Exosomes are it.

Exosomes are the products of Stem Cells. They are the tiny packages of instruction for the cells around an injury and this is what the regenerative medicines produce when they recognize tissue damage. These packages are very small and contain genetic instruction for what the cells need to produce in order to replace the damaged cartilage inside your painful knee (or shoulder, or degenerated spine). In addition, exosomes contain other packages of information that go into the nucleus of a cell and CORRECT the mistakes that they are making.

So, in effect, Exosomes deliver a manager to the cell to correct the assembly line and they also give instructions for the products that need to be produced ON the assembly line. This is how cells communicate with each other and it is how we can induce our own cells to repair damaged knee cartilage. It is amazing that big brain biochemists have figured out how to mass produce exosomes from healthy regenerative medicines. It’s more amazing that we can now see that Amniotic Fluid is like giving a poor man a fish for dinner but giving a poor man Exosomes is like teaching him how to fish and also showing him where your favorite fishing hole is. It’s independent thinking for your cells rather than mere instruction. If you want to keep your knees, you need to be thinking Exosome.

Performed by Vance Inouye, N.M.D.