This is HUGE! Now, in light of the COVID-19 concern, we are offering Telehealth services in our office with one of the excellent medical doctors at ConnectiveMed. Read below for more details.

Dr. Pam and Dr. Ed are always working to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.  As you know, we have worked to become the best providers we can be for alternative strategies in wellness care and musculoskeletal chronic pain conditions.  We know that many of our patients still want and need these services so, as described in our last email, we are staying open for you.  Considering the current concerns we all have with COVID-19, we have improved the services that we can provide to you by teaming up w/ the doctors at Connective Med, a telehealth provider. These physicians will be able to assist in setting your mind at ease when you want to come in for our Chiropractic treatments. As well, they can provide consultation for other medical conditions that you may have questions or concerns about.  Their services will allow you to take an online prescreen to help determine your general risk of contracting the virus that is currently making its way around the globe.  If, and only if, it is deemed necessary, the doctors at Connective Med will suggest a personalized telehealth office visit hosted at the 3D Integrated Medical facility, by way of phone or computer.

We encourage you to take this simple evaluation and set up a virtual exam with Connective Med by going to their website at:

Your health and well being is all that matters to us! Be consistent, be proactive, be healthy!